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The Arnogard

Youth Experience

For who?

The Arnogard Youth Experience is a personal development program designed to work on mental health issues and challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction, self-doubt, problems with learning and focus, to finding your passion and discovering your purpose. The program is offered to three different age groups living in the Greater Toronto Area.




What is the Arnogard
Youth Experience?

Our years of experience have shown that each step of the program is essential to being effective and providing results.

1st Experience Step

Interview and Neurofeedback sessions

In your first interview, we get to know you, review your needs, and goals.

To ensure your brain is centered, focused, and ready to take on your goals, we train your brain on a Neurofeedback system.

Up to 3-5 sessions of 30-45 minutes each are recommended prior to the workshop.

2nd Experience Step

3 day Neuro Change Workshop

Formula on how to rewire your brain and regulate your emotions.

2 science-backed tools for changing your mind.

How to reframe your beliefs and learn mindfulness.

How to build a positive growth mindset and meet your goals.

QHHT® Hypnosis group sessions to unblock old patterns.

Biofeedback tools to destress and reduce anxiety.

3rd Experience Step

Individual QHHT® Hypnosis session

QHHT® Hypnosis works with the deep Somnambulistic Theta brainwave state that you ordinarily experience just before you awake or before you fall asleep. Entering the Theta state during hypnosis enables access to your subconscious, memories, and past lives. You gain valuable insight into stuck patterns, limiting beliefs, behaviours, relationships, and your life purpose.

We will conduct a follow-up interview and post-assessment once you complete all steps.

What outcome can you expect?

We know that each person’s brain is different as our years of experience have shown the 3 Experience Steps of the Arnogard Youth Experience will empower you to get unstuck, change your mind, and rewire your brain.

Immersive experiences may take place in various settings as an option. Dates to be announced soon!

Book your free 30 minute assessment where we get to know you, review your needs, and advise on a plan.