The Arnogard Collective

The Arnogard Method®

Uniquely combines Neuroscience, Hypnosis, and Breath to effectively and efficiently help your mind, soul, and body to feel better. 



  • Using Neuroscience knowledge we apply evidence based brain and behaviour science to help you maximize neuroplasticity in your brain including Neurofeedback training.
  • As a Neuro Change Method™  Practitioner, we coach you in the conscious mind’s power so you can optimize your mindset, subconscious programming, beliefs, and emotions.


  • QHHT© Hypnosis works with the deep Somnambulistic Theta brainwave state that you experience just before you fall asleep and awaken.
  • Entering the Theta state during hypnosis enables access to your subconscious, memories, and past lives. You gain missing and valuable insight into stuck patterns, limiting beliefs, behaviours, and relationships.


  • It is scientifically proven that incorporating mind-body practices into your daily life will help you with your pain, anxiety, as well as overall physical and mental health.
  • As experienced practitioners in breath therapy, meditation and biofeedback modalities, we support and train you on these powerful health and wellbeing tools.

Who can benefit?

The Arnogard Method® is effective with any age group. We have worked years with children and adults combining the different modalities that make up The Arnogard Method® to best suit your individual and unique needs.

Insomnia, chronic illness, attention issues, lack of energy, anxiety and depression?
We can help you cope, overcome your challenges, and move forward.

Feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, hopeless, fearful, inadequate, resentful, lost, and stuck in life?
We dive deep into your subconscious to gain insight into the root of the problem and show you how to resolve it.

What can you expect?

We guarantee you will get unstuck and unblocked on your life purpose journey.

You will experience a conscious momentum forward in all areas of your mind, soul, and body.

Your limiting beliefs will change, your brain will rewire and your challenges will be reframed.

You will start to feel lighter, more focused, more self-aware, and your authentic-self.