The Arnogard Collective

Join us on the Momentum Retreat in Baja, Mexico

Dates coming soon for 2025!

A week long retreat to get unstuck, rewire your brain, and transform

Join us in the magical location of Baja, Mexico where the desert meets the sea providing the perfect setting to decompress and rejuvenate. Enjoy the expansive sandy beach, hike to awe-inspiring views, refresh in the salt-water pool, and enjoy local, fresh delicacies.

Your stay is an immersive experience in nature with the comforts of Glamping, all to assist you to transform on your 6-night, all inclusive journey with Anita and Diana.

Start your day with guided yoga and meditation. This will prime your body and mind as you step into The Arnogard workshops that will explore and reframe your mindset, beliefs, and purpose.

We compliment this work with QHHT© Hypnosis group sessions to dive deep into the subconscious mind allowing you to unblock, gain meaning, and transform.

During this truly unique experience you will get unstuck, rewire your brain and transform!

Included in your Retreat

Meet Your Team


Diana Heimberg

I am your co-host for this immersive momentum retreat. In leading with my heart, I look forward to moderating the Neuro Change workshops. My passion is to share how you can access the power of your mind to assist in your transformation. You can look forward to engaging and empowering your mind, body and soul in a personal and supportive environment surrounded by breathtaking nature

– See you there!

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Anita Pastor

I am your co-host for this unique and exciting retreat. I will be conducting the QHHT© Hypnosis workshops along with leading several of the activities we offer. Through experiencing my own personal transformation, I endeavor to guide and empower your immersive experience. This retreat originates from the many skills I have mastered along my journey and I am exited to share those with you.

– Estoy emocionada de conocerte!

Location, Location, Location!

The Arnogard Collective has partnered with Yandara Yoga Institute, a private retreat facility in beautiful Baja, Mexico, just 1 hour north of Cabo San Lucas.

Camp in style with chic Tents and Cabanas allowing you to enjoy all the luxuries of home while being surrounded by the beauty of Baja’s wonderous outdoors.

Yandara’s private location offers stunning beachfront studios with breathtaking outdoor settings. All designed to take advantage of Mexico’s warm temperatures while providing a sacred setting for winding down, group workshops, and making new friends. 

Select Your Accommodations

Fall asleep to the sound of the waves in one of our deluxe accommodations on the beautiful white sands of Baja, Mexico where you will have the amazing opportunity to ground with nature and connect to the stars at night. 

Glamping Tent - Solo Traveler

Glamping Tent with Shared Bath

This accommodation is specifically suited for the solo traveler offering a full-sized bed in your private, tent fitted with light, electricity, breathable canvas, and a cool, concrete bottom.

A shared Bathroom Pavilion is offered a quick 5-minute walk from your tent where you will be provided lavatories, private showers, and lockers to keep your things tucked away and ready to use each day. 

Glamping Cabana - Couple

Glamping Cabana with Shared Bath

This accommodation is specifically suited for a couple, mother/daughter, or 2 friends, offering a choice of one King bed or 2 Twin beds. Your private Cabana is fitted with light, electricity, breathable canvas, and a cool, concrete bottom.

A shared Bathroom Pavilion is offered a quick 5-minute walk from your Cabana where you will be provided with lavatories, private showers, and lockers to keep your things tucked away and ready to use each day.

Glamping Cabana - Solo Traveler

Glamping Cabana with Private Bath

This accommodation is specifically suited for the solo traveler who wishes to add an extra touch of luxury to their retreat. This Glamping Cabana offers a private bath and shower with one Queen bed. Your Glamping Cabana is fitted with light, electricity, breathable canvas, and a cool, concrete bottom.

Yoga, mediation, and workshops are offered in the Retreat Pavilion as well as enjoy the salt-water pool. 

Spots available per accomodation

One person, all inclusive, 6-night stay, Glamping Tent with Shared Bath.
Full Sized Bed – 6 tents available

Two persons, all inclusive, 6-night stay, Glamping Cabana with Shared Bath.
King Bed or 2 Twin Beds (state bed preference upon booking) – 3 cabanas available

One person, all inclusive, 6-night stay, Clamping Cabana with Private Bath.
Queen Sized Bed – 3 cabanas available

*Flights NOT included: Fly to San Jose Del Cabo Airport (SJD) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

Payment Info & Next Steps

Bookings will be available online once 2025 dates are posted with pricing. 

OPTION 1: One Time Payment BONUS

Pricing will be posted upon dates announced in 2025 for the Momentum Retreat in Baja, Mexico. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list kindly Contact us with your details as accommodations are limited.

OPTION 2: Payment Plan

Diana is a wonderful person with a big heart. She listens and responds to you. Diana always knew what to do. As I worked with her, I always felt understood and in good hands. Through her great work and good heart, she was able to make small miracles. With that, I was always able to go home full of energy, security and joy. Thank you for everything!

Alina P

Diana has been friendly and always listened. She has been fantastic. Diana was a gift.

Ben W (age 9 years)

Diana has an incredible amount of knowledge and a wonderful heart. These two components together make for fantastic work. I have always felt very well taken care of and safe. Diana and her work are a gift to the people. Thank you so much for that!

Margaret K

Working with Diana was straightforward, easy and very effective. She has an open, empathetic personality that helped me a lot. Thank you!

Peter L

I had a QHHT Hypnosis session with Anita Pastor recently. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I can honestly say I felt so much better after my session. My mood was happier, my anxiety and nervousness was gone and I felt positive about my future. Her voice was soothing and calming and I felt so comfortable talking to her and answering her questions. She made me feel a sense of release in regards to many negative aspects in my life but more importantly made me feel at peace with myself. I highly recommend Anita for hypnosis sessions. I will definitely be back to see her!

Mary B

Diana is gentle and kind and has a real gift for connecting with others, especially children. She managed to gain my daughter’s trust in a very smooth and friendly way. She knows how to listen to people even when they have nothing or little to say. Diana is extremely committed to everything she does and puts all her heart and passion into it.

Alexandra C

The key element in a QHHT session is the interview process prior to the hypnosis. In the interview, the QHHT facilitator needs to build rapport and trust with the client so that the client feels they are safe and in good hands. Once this atmosphere is established the client relaxes, opens themselves, and allows themselves to embrace the experience only their higher self can provide. In my experience with Anita, I felt all this came together wonderfully well. Anita has the skill and character to facilitate the QHHT process very nicely.

Mark R

Diana has helped me tremendously with her wisdom in so many areas. I came to her with chronic migraines and a nervous system in hyper vigilance. Diana is an attuned listener and helps the brain regulate with a personalized Neurofeedback protocol. Thanks to Neurofeedback in her practice, I felt calmer and safe immediately. The migraine frequency was lowered and my overall outlook on life was more positive.

Christine B

Working with Anita was an enlightening and extraordinary experience. This was my first hypnosis session, and Anita took great care to explain the process and to ensure the entire session was completely comfortable. Following the session, Anita sent me the recording which was an excellent follow-up tool to confirm the actions and changes I wanted to make in my life. Anita is highly skilled in her approach, and is an absolute delight to work with. I would recommend Anita without hesitation.

Emma S

Diana has helped my son cope in school. Neurofeedback has opened his brain to learning with more ease. He stopped doubting himself and had the confidence to try new things. His memory expanded. Diana tailored the Neurofeedback protocol to my son’s challenges in school and life. She was very encouraging and empathetic.

Monica H

Anita was compassionate, patient, and thorough during our time together. She took the necessary time to get to know me on a deep level so that my basic concerns could be addressed. Anita made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to open up with her about my experience more so than with anyone else ever before. Anita is intuitive, honest and extremely empathic. These qualities, in part, are why I highly recommend her as a QHHT practitioner! Thank you, Anita Pastor for helping me open my eye(s) to the omnipresent guidance around me, and to the golden thread that runs throughout many lifetimes, pointing me like a compass to this life’s mission.

Victoria G

Diana’s supportive guidance – with an open heart, empathy, and professionalism – has given me the space and courage to open up to self-love and healing. For that, I feel very grateful.

Claudia S

Anita is a dream. Her warm and insightful manner made me feel comfortable enough to open up. Anita’s intuitive vibe guided me and the trust I felt for her helped me with my first QHHT hypnosis session.  I highly recommend Anita!

Brent F

Diana has opened my eyes and showed me the possibilities I could reach in my own lifespan that I haven’t seen before. Her charisma, techniques and knowledge have helped me find my own path on self discovery and health. I‘m sincerely grateful for all the efforts she has put in, which I’ll always recall on my way forward.

Jack T