The Arnogard Collective

Diana Heimberg

MScA, BScSoc, RN

Master Neuro Change Transcendence Practitioner, Theta Healer
Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Therapist Integral Breath Therapist
Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

Diana has an insatiable curiosity for mastering techniques to help others reach their full potential. She has always been convinced the answer to how you can move forward and live fulfilled life is very simple. Diana’s search for the answer led her to study and work in the fields of neuroscience, neurofeedback, nursing, hypnosis, theta healing, breath work and meditation. 

Through her 25 years of experience, it became clear a combination of these techniques combined with a holistic approach brought fast, effective, and fundamental results.

It is my honour to share what I have learned in the conviction that you too will move forward in your life purpose which will allow you to reach your full potential.

Anita Pastor


QHHT Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
NGH Certified Clinical Hypnotist
NGH Certified - Past Lives Regressionist
Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

Anita offers 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership where she has excelled at creating immersive experiences. She has developed numerous successful businesses with the sole focus being on the client’s needs and desires.

Five years ago, Anita discovered QHHT Hypnosis looking for new ways to overcome her challenges. After undergoing a session and becoming a research client she experienced life changing results. Those results inspired her so much that she became a Practitioner. 

During Anita’s training she met up with Diana to swap hypnosis sessions. In their first initial meeting the two women discovered they both envisioned the same concept and they had the same dream. 

The concept was to develop a leading edge program to assist and empower today’s Youth. In combining their education, skills, and years of experience, Anita and Diana joined forces to create and deliver The Arnogard Method. 


Diana is a wonderful person with a big heart. She listens and responds to you. Diana always knew what to do. As I worked with her, I always felt understood and in good hands. Through her great work and good heart, she was able to make small miracles. With that, I was always able to go home full of energy, security and joy. Thank you for everything!

Alina P

Diana has been friendly and always listened. She has been fantastic. Diana was a gift.

Ben W (age 9 years)

Diana has an incredible amount of knowledge and a wonderful heart. These two components together make for fantastic work. I have always felt very well taken care of and safe. Diana and her work are a gift to the people. Thank you so much for that!

Margaret K

Working with Diana was straightforward, easy and very effective. She has an open, empathetic personality that helped me a lot. Thank you!

Peter L

I had a QHHT Hypnosis session with Anita Pastor recently. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I can honestly say I felt so much better after my session. My mood was happier, my anxiety and nervousness was gone and I felt positive about my future. Her voice was soothing and calming and I felt so comfortable talking to her and answering her questions. She made me feel a sense of release in regards to many negative aspects in my life but more importantly made me feel at peace with myself. I highly recommend Anita for hypnosis sessions. I will definitely be back to see her!

Mary B

Diana is gentle and kind and has a real gift for connecting with others, especially children. She managed to gain my daughter’s trust in a very smooth and friendly way. She knows how to listen to people even when they have nothing or little to say. Diana is extremely committed to everything she does and puts all her heart and passion into it.

Alexandra C

The key element in a QHHT session is the interview process prior to the hypnosis. In the interview, the QHHT facilitator needs to build rapport and trust with the client so that the client feels they are safe and in good hands. Once this atmosphere is established the client relaxes, opens themselves, and allows themselves to embrace the experience only their higher self can provide. In my experience with Anita, I felt all this came together wonderfully well. Anita has the skill and character to facilitate the QHHT process very nicely.

Mark R

Diana has helped me tremendously with her wisdom in so many areas. I came to her with chronic migraines and a nervous system in hyper vigilance. Diana is an attuned listener and helps the brain regulate with a personalized Neurofeedback protocol. Thanks to Neurofeedback in her practice, I felt calmer and safe immediately. The migraine frequency was lowered and my overall outlook on life was more positive.

Christine B

Working with Anita was an enlightening and extraordinary experience. This was my first hypnosis session, and Anita took great care to explain the process and to ensure the entire session was completely comfortable. Following the session, Anita sent me the recording which was an excellent follow-up tool to confirm the actions and changes I wanted to make in my life. Anita is highly skilled in her approach, and is an absolute delight to work with. I would recommend Anita without hesitation.

Emma S

Diana has helped my son cope in school. Neurofeedback has opened his brain to learning with more ease. He stopped doubting himself and had the confidence to try new things. His memory expanded. Diana tailored the Neurofeedback protocol to my son’s challenges in school and life. She was very encouraging and empathetic.

Monica H

Anita was compassionate, patient, and thorough during our time together. She took the necessary time to get to know me on a deep level so that my basic concerns could be addressed. Anita made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to open up with her about my experience more so than with anyone else ever before. Anita is intuitive, honest and extremely empathic. These qualities, in part, are why I highly recommend her as a QHHT practitioner! Thank you, Anita Pastor for helping me open my eye(s) to the omnipresent guidance around me, and to the golden thread that runs throughout many lifetimes, pointing me like a compass to this life’s mission.

Victoria G

Diana’s supportive guidance – with an open heart, empathy, and professionalism – has given me the space and courage to open up to self-love and healing. For that, I feel very grateful.

Claudia S